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About dr Bartosz Gorecki

Bartosz Gorecki MD, L.Ac.

First inspiration

Since I remember I’ve always wanted to become a doctor. The first person who inspired me was my uncle, old style physician with broadly developed skills of examining the body and what you can call guts’ feeling which all together make him precisely diagnose diseases without many modern tools that doctors have now. So I’ve started my specialisation in General Medicine to learn whose skills.

Western medicine

I like working in hospital, mysteries of the diseases to solve and all that adrenaline and focus when you try to save a patient from critical condition.  While I am really impressed how powerful those methods are when it comes to saving one’s live and how technically sophisticated and advanced the machines are, I also notice disadvantages of the Western Medicine. Lack of individual approach, seeing the patient in a limited, materialistic way as a combination of different organs and systems, replacement of the intimate contact between a doctor and a patient by the machines to name a few.

For me it is very natural to see the patient as a totality of the body, energy and mind who is connected and continuously exchanging with the surrounding environment.

No satisfaction

Working in a hospital while training in General Medicine I felt unsatisfied and hungry to find out more about mysteries of human functioning but more than in only materialistic way.  As I see it now, the drive for it came also from my spiritual practice, which I continue to these days and which allow me to experience that we are more than just a body and the same way we are not separated from each other but connected on the deeper level.

First contact with Chinese Medicine

My first contact with Chinese Medicine was in 2008 on the beautiful island near Gdansk in Poland. The lecture was given by dr Wandel, the student of prof Zbigniew Garnuszewski, who was the pioneer in introducing acupuncture in Poland in 70’s. I heard about energetic channels and how they integrate the whole of the body and connect it with the whole of universe. I had one that moment called “aha”, when you deeply know that it is true.

First school

Amazed by Chinese Medicine and hungry to know more I signed myself to Instytut Medycyny Chinskiej i Profilaktyki Zdrowia, Chinese Medicine School in Krakow. My teacher, Matthias Hunecke, showed me completely another dimension of human body functioning, where everything is interconnected, organs support each other perfectly while performing their unique role in order to give the human the most of joy and harmony. The most difficult for me was to change a perspective in perceiving the body from Western to Chinese (it’s an interesting topic by itself to write about) but the deep knowledge of my teacher and his acting abilities could break my  western way of thinking.

Chinese Medicine in action

In 2011 great adventure appeared for me to go with my teacher to Nepal, to his free clinic and see how I can help people with Chinese Medicine. The clinic was nothing like you can see in the West. It was localized in a big monastery beneath the hill of Swayambu, which is considered one of the sacrest places of Buddhism. You could smell around the atmosphere of devotion and meditation. I joined a group of 3 other acupuncturist. As soon as the clinic was open, we had many patients. After one week from opening 70 of them appeared every day. Under the supervision of Matthias I had a chance to treat many different conditions: musculo-skelton pains, inflammatory, digestive (incl. diabetes), circulatory and neurological (incl. post stroke, epilepsy, paralysis).  Besides acupuncture we used a lot of moxa, cupping and Matthias was giving herbs. I was amazed how fast the patients were getting better. I specially remember a patient after stroke, he was very spastic and after few sessions with scalp acupuncture and physio he was able to use his hands in basic manner. Another one had an epilepsy attack in the clinic. One needle was enough to settle him down. After such exciting days in the clinic we had lectures with Matthias, reported patients we were treated during a day and on the weekends we visited beautiful and sacred places of Kathmandu Valley.