Kennington Osteopaths & Physiotherapy, 2-4 Cleaver St, Oval, London SE11 4DP

London Acupuncture Centre

Bartosz Gorecki MD, L.Ac.

At London Acupuncture Centre we excel at giving our patient’s best acupuncture experience, giving them unique opportunity to be diagnosed and treated by professional medical doctor. Dr Gorecki has a genuine passion for Eastern Medicine, yet still deeply rooted in Western medicine.

Thanks to this unique combination of Western medicine with more holistic Chinese medicine approach, we are well suited to bridge over two ways of thinking. Delivering the best treatments to our patients, we are sure they make the most from Western and Eastern medicine approach.

Dr Gorecki is fully trained medical doctor with experience in working in NHS and private clinics, both in the country and abroad. His journey with Chinese medicine commenced a decade ago and that’s still a beginning.

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Currently, dr Gorecki is seeing patients at a lovely Kennington Osteopath and Physiotherapy Clinic in Kennington, South London, only 2 min from Kennington Station, 15 min from Vauxhall Station and close proximity to Oval.

Dr Gorecki also sees his patients in Croydon and Isleworth, South London at Top Medical Clinic. Visits at the Corydon’s location are subject to the Top Medical Clinic prices.

And can see you in Croydon Top Medical as well.

8 reasons why you should try acupuncture at London Acupuncture Centre


  1. Your acupuncture is done by a medical doctor so you don’t have to worry about any serious health condition is overlooked or mistreated. In such case, your doctor will advise you which specialist you should seek help from.


  1. Your doctor is present and controlling the treatment at all times, making sure you are perfectly safe.


  1. Nothing is done without your knowledge. The doctor will guide you throughout the whole treatment.


  1. You’re the active part of the whole treatment and your responses are essential for the outcome.


  1. We are using only high class disposable needles which pose no risk of infection.


  1. Needling is done almost painlessly not to cause any more distress than your complains


  1. We are seeing our patients at one of the renowned Monteiro Medical Clinics with 20 years of history.


  1. Your doctor is a fully licenced and insured acupuncturist. He’s also BUPA provider