Monteneiro Beauty & Skin Clinic 34 Clapham Road, Oval, London SW90JQ

About London Acupuncture Centre

Bartosz Gorecki MD, L.Ac.

At London Acupuncture Centre we excel at putting our patient’s health and wellbeing first, giving them unique opportunity to be diagnosed and treated by professional medical doctor with a genuine passion for Eastern Medicine, yet still deeply rooted in Western medicine.

Thanks to this unique combination of Western medicine with more holistic Chinese medicine approach, we are well suited to bridge over two methods of treatments. Delivering the best treatments to our patients, we are sure they make the most from Western and Eastern medicine approach.

Dr Gorecki is fully trained medical doctor with experience in working in NHS and private clinics, both in the country and abroad. His journey with Chinese medicine commenced a decade ago and that’s still a beginning.

At London Acupuncture Centre we are delighted to have such a rare gem.

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Currently dr Gorecki is seeing patients at a lovely Monteneiro Clinic in South London, only 2 min from Oval Station, 15 min from Vauxhal Station and close proximity to Kennington