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Difference between Chinese and Western Medicine

Bartosz Gorecki MD, L.Ac.

Difference between Chinese and Western Medicine

Acupuncture is a method of healing strictly deriving from the principles of the Chinese Medicine. Although developed more than 2000 years ago (some say even more), it is applicable for modern health problems to this day.

And why is that?

Western Medicine approach


The Chinese Medicine has developed from a completely different approach towards human body and health than the Western Medicine.


The Western Medicine approach relies on forcing the body to act accordingly to what we believe is a correct way of functioning. If the body deviates from it (gets sick), we need to treat it. In such cases, we need to take chemical medications or undergo surgical procedures.


But not always.


Lots of diseases, especially chronic or acute ones, such as infections, don’t need such drastic methods.


That is the reason why by taking medications for a long time and forcing the body to act within the induced norms and standards, numerous side effects might appear.

balancing stones in water

Chinese medicine is all about balance


Chinese Medicine approach


The Chinese Medicine approach perceives the body and mind as inseparable and trust in body’s capability to heal itself.


Our body-mind already knows the state of health and wellbeing, which are intrinsic to its nature. Or, using the language of the modern science – contained in its DNA. That is why the Chinese Medicine does not try to force the body-mind to change in any ways, but to remind it what the natural state of wellbeing is.


Minor changes in our diet, regular exercises or conscious breathing are often enough to mobilise our body-mind potential to heal itself.


However, if the condition deteriorates and we contract a disease, we need a stronger push to remind our body what the state of health is. It is like when we dream and have a nightmare. In the dream we’ve already forgotten we are in our room in a comfy bed. We need some kind of shake up to remind ourselves what is our natural state.


And that is what acupuncture does