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Fertility and menstruation

Bartosz Gorecki MD, L.Ac.

Fertility and Menstruation in Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine takes women’s fertility and menstruation into great consideration. Classical texts distinguish separate piece of knowledge, only referring to what we may call today as gynaecology, in Chinese – Fu Ke.

To understand why it is so important, let me share with you some of the Chinese medicine concepts:

Good fertility begins with good menstruation

How many times have you heard that menstruation has to be painful? Painful period means there are blockages in the flow of blood in pelvis. When blood tries to get through these blockages it causes sting like pain…

not enough blood flowing into your pelvis results in scanty, irregular periods or even stopping menstruation altogether.

Firstly, acupuncture eases and unblocks the flow of blood resulting in painless periods. Secondly, by redirecting blood to your pelvis, acupuncture regulates your periods.

Hormones and fertility

Hormonal balance plays essential role both in menstruation and fertility. This is a sensitive network of glands and hormones, which they produce. Some hormones influence the production of other hormones, which affect different organs like uterus to proliferate its epithelium, or ovaries to produce eggs…

…long-lasting stress, chronic exhaustion, prolonged intake of birth control pills or diseases concerning ovaries, thyroid and pituitary, all can affect this sensitive system.

Acupuncture restores balance in your hormonal system and stimulates your body to produce hormones it needs.

I have had Japanese Acupuncture session with Bartosz for nearly 9 month now. That technique helped me to get pregnant and can heal all the changes engendered by the pregnancy and childbirth in my body. Each session begins by a check of the pulses then an examination of several points and then the first needles are put into your body. Some minutes afterwards they are removed and some other needles are placed wherever needed. I would like to add that Bartosz has been a GP for many years before becoming an acupuncturist and he has a sharp knowledge of how the human body works and how to heal it.

Axelle Baroni

Body posture

Your body experiences tensions caused by prolonged sitting position and stress. Even small shifts in cervical spine can affect your pelvis and, in fact, change its position. Shifted pelvis either due to the problem with the spine or pelvis itself, can result in blockages of the blood flow.

The assessment of your body posture is a standard procedure in our clinic. With acupuncture, we can adjust position of your body and unblock the flow of blood.


Blood is essential in nourishing the foetus and carrying the baby to term. Numerous reasons can obstruct proper blood flow to the pelvis.

Acupuncture can help in any of these reasons. Acupuncture stimulates your body to produce blood and other nutrients it needs to assure healthy development of foetus.

Morning sickness and pregnancy complains

Morning sickness, back pain or leg oedema – acupuncture brings a relief in any one of these…

… and because Japanese acupuncture is painless, you won’t experience unnecessary stress related to needle insertion.

Easy labour

Having relaxed mind and body is very important in unobstructed labour. Body and mind can negatively influence each other, causing tension in the belly and abdomen.

Acupuncture helps relaxing muscles and tendons in the pelvis, so they don’t obstruct while you’re giving birth. At the same time, acupuncture helps to relax your mind and calm your emotions, so you are more aware and concentrated on what is happening during the labour.

Acupuncture after giving birth

Labour is exhausting. Baby blues and lack of breast milk are just a few symptoms which you can encounter after giving the birth…

… some of c-section scars can block the flow of energy and cause you’re feeling low in spirits.

With acupuncture we can help your body to restore its strength. Acupuncture can also treat blockages caused by c-section scars and, as a result, lift your spirits after the labour up.

women's acupuncture

Women’s fertility and acupuncture


What you may expect visiting acupuncture clinic with fertility problems?

Complete diagnosis

You will be offered complete diagnosis according to Chinese medicine.

It consists of 3 parts:

1. Questions. You’ll be asked questions concerning your symptoms, especially menstruation, stress and emotional problems as they may have a substantial impact on blood circulation. The important part is your medical diagnosis, especially if you have been undergoing medical tests.

2. Medical examination. Your pulse will be checked which is a traditional way of diagnoses. The pulse can show if there is sufficient blood in your body and if there are any blockages in blood flow.

3. Palpation. Your body will be palpated to find any painful or tense areas. A special attention is put on lower part of the belly (abdomen), lower back and sacral area, all known as “gynaecology” spheres.

At the end of diagnosis, I’ll explain what eventual findings mean for your health and how to treat them.

Acupuncture treatment

And only then comes acupuncture treatment;

Almost painlessly I’ll insert very thin needles in acupuncture points to treat affected areas in your body. You will experience almost immediately how these areas become more relaxed and less painful.

In the end, I’ll remove the needles and advise you on treatment plan for your next couple of visits. The number of sessions may vary depending on your condition, but after each session you should feel a noticeable improvement.

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We now also offer Chinese herbal medicine

If you are interested in Chinese herbal medicine to support your body for fertility and/or menstrual problems but you’re quite not sure if that’s the right thing for you, book your free 15-min consultation.