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Bartosz Gorecki MD, L.Ac.

Is Chinese medicine good for Baker’s cyst?

Is Chinese medicine or acupuncture good at treating Baker’s cyst? And if so, why would you prefer them over a conventional approach? Would not be better to have the whole assortment available by western medicine at hand? Maybe…if you prefer to stuff your body with pills, or put it through fluid evacuation, steroids injection or…
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Difference between Chinese and Western Medicine

Acupuncture is a method of healing strictly deriving from the principles of the Chinese Medicine. Although developed more than 2000 years ago (some say even more), it is applicable for modern health problems to this day. And why is that? Western Medicine approach   The Chinese Medicine has developed from a completely different approach towards…
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Are Chinese herbs the old functional food?

Bullet-proof coffee, maca bread and paleo browne are what you need on your shopping list when you think of functional food. Do not forget to add yoghurt stuffed with probiotics and cereal bar rich in fibre, and you would not need to worry what to eat. For the rest of your life. Really? Not exactly.…
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