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Bartosz Gorecki MD, L.Ac.

Dr Gorecki is an extraordinary interventionist. I had been struggling with severe, nearly paralysing nerve pain for more than a year before I sought out acupuncture. I had seen seven specialists by that point: neurosurgeons, physical therapists, pain managers. I spent thousands on endless tests and steroid injections. Nothing worked. Within a few weeks of seeing Dr Gorecki, I began to feel significant improvement to my nerve pain. Now six months in, the pain is virtually gone.

Dr Gorecki is consistently attentive, efficient, and detailed. He exudes an effortless professionalism while being warm and compassionate. He exhibits sharp critical thinking and a mastery of his field through his enormous knowledge, experience, and passion. I could not recommend him more. If you’re struggling with nerve pain, try acupuncture with Dr Gorecki immediately.

Jorge De Sousa

During my recent trip to London, I required medical assistance for a painful baker’s cyst. Fortunately, I stumbled upon a client testimonial on Dr. Bartosz’s website from an individual who had a similar issue and was successfully treated. Dr. Bartosz promptly accommodated my request for an immediate appointment, and I was thoroughly impressed with his personable and intelligent nature. In addition to being a doctor, he is also a trained acupuncturist who specializes in Japanese acupuncture techniques. Following my treatment, I had to travel to three different countries within a week and was dreading the walking. However, to my surprise, I experienced minimal discomfort, which I attribute to my session with Dr. Bartosz. Upon returning home to the US, I reached out to Dr. Bartosz for a local recommendation, and he kindly researched and connected me with a similarly trained doctor. I am immensely grateful for meeting Dr. Bartosz and the healing he provided. I highly recommend him!

Sunita Sayana Lokuge

Booked a consultation and serie of medical procedures with Dr. Bartosz Górecki in Top Medical Clinic. Easy to find location, clean facilities.
Friendly, professional and bi lingual speaking staff (English, Polish)
Highly recommend it!

Jakub Hladki


I have had Japanese Acupuncture session with Bartosz for nearly 9 month now. That technique helped me to get pregnant and can heal all the changes engendered by the pregnancy and childbirth in my body. Each session begins by a check of the pulses then an examination of several points and then the first needles are put into your body. Some minutes afterwards they are removed and some other needles are placed wherever needed. I would like to add that Bartosz has been a GP for many years before becoming an acupuncturist and he has a sharp knowledge of how the human body works and how to heal it.

Axelle Baroni



I have been seeing Dr. Bartosz for a few months now and I have seen in improvements in the frequency and intensity of my headaches and also in my overall mood, sleep, and appetite. I would highly recommend him for acupuncture.

Dominik Nakoneczny

I have been for three sessions with Dr. Bartosz Gorecki now and certainly recommend him to others. He has helped with the dizziness I was experiencing, but more importantly I feel a lot more grounded and relaxed. Many thanks!

Conrad Heyns

I have been seeing Dr Bartosz Gorecki for several weeks now. Initially, I sought out acupuncture for insomnia and in the hope that it could help with hormonal imbalances (loss of menstruation). After only 3 weeks, my sleep had drastically improved and, after the fourth week, my cycle came back. Additionally, Bartosz prescribed a set of blood tests, which turned out to be very helpful in revealing why I was experiencing certain symptoms.
I believe this series of events can vouch for Bartosz’s expertise as an acupuncturist and as a doctor. Speaking to, and being treated by, someone who is so attentive, calm and kind has left me with an extremely positive experience. I cannot recommend his practice enough.

Julia Callies

After a year of suffering from cystitis and taking antibiotics prescribed by my doctor with no results, I was advised to start acupuncture treatment and turned to Dr. Bartosz. Well, I couldn’t be happier!!
I started to feel the benefits of the treatment after a few sessions..Thanks to his experience and his advice now I’m fine!! I have not had any more episodes of cystitis!!! He solved my problem and I didn’t take any kind of medicine anymore!!
Highly recommended!!!!

Elisa Devalle

Life changing acupuncturist. I couldn’t be happier with the results. My body, mind and spirit are more aligned than I thought possible after 2 months of treatment. Everything is improved from my circulation to energy levels, diet, mood, sleep… most importantly, my tendinitis pain, that I initially came in for, has subsided. Highly recommend!!!

Antho Jones


Dr Gorecki is very engaged in everything he does. His medical examination is very detailed. He recommends other doctors and additional tests. One can tell that Chinese medicine is his true passion. He is a real specialist and helps a lot in very complex conditions. Really recommend!

Malgorzata Wojtkowska

Thanks to Dr Gorecki’s engagement and devotion my life’s conditions changed significantly, albeit chronic nature of my illness. The visit itself might not be a relaxing massage, but the effects make one not only to book the next appointment immediately but wait for it impatiently. Dr Gorecki’s 100% attention is on his patient and is very meticulous and consequent in his approach. Recommend him wholeheartedly!

Dorota Zagrodzka

I recommend treatment at dr Gorecki who I regard as a highly accomplished Chinese medicine therapist. He helps both in chronic and acute conditions. Dr Gorecki understands his patients and he is very empathetic.

I was treated for hands arthritis in which case academic medicine is helpless. After receiving treatment at dr Gorecki I felt much better and could function without taking steroids. The treatment also helped me with menopause syndromes.

My eighty-years old mom was also treated by dr Gorecki who improved her life’s comfort. If someone is looking for a good acupuncturist, dr Gorecki is the right person to turn to.

Joanna Pawlikowska

I was attending doctor Gorecki acupuncture for four years and I am very pleased with the results. I was given a new lease of life and can only regret that with his move to London I had to stop the treatment. I highly recommend dr Bartosz Gorecki as professionalist and person with large dose of empathy for his patients

Maria Laryś-Sobczak

I used Bartosz’s help in acupuncture for a few years, both in urgent cases of transient and weakening, as for a long time healing bronchial asthma. Professional and exhaustive checkup woke up my confidence and the effects of a better feeling and better sleep are proof that everything works. Similarly, I was once with my daughter, where after the interview he decided that the change of diet should be enough for a reconvalescence. A methodical, renowned, great doctor! I recommend

Kasia Ksztuka

Highly recommended! Dr Bartosz Górecki is a great specialist in acupuncture treatment. These methods helped me a lot. In particular with insomnia problem.

Maria Olszewska

Bartosz has been successfully helping me with brining my body back to a good form following a long-term exhausting lifestyle. I’ve been attending his treatments weekly for the past three weeks and can already see significant improvement. I sleep better, have more energy and my acne has been clearing up. I would definitely recommend Bartosz’s clinic to anyone – he’s a confident and trusted doctor.

Natalja Bambuli

Dr Bartosz Gorecki was recommended to me by a TCM Professor. Being 50+ active businessman and a sport kind of a person I had certain ailments mostly resulting from my life style over decades and I wanted to solve them holistically. I was visiting dr Gorecki in 2017 and 2018 for more than one year, once a week. This regularity can serve as the best recommendation. Dr Bartosz’s acupuncture treatments helped me when I was fatigued and was always giving me a feeling of a respite. With his needles he found a way how to relax tension in my deepest muscles but I think it was more than that: his therapy addressed the whole body and all functions. I believe Bartosz greatly contributed in my overall well-being. I would be keen on continuing if he hadn’t moved to another country.


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