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How to prepare

Bartosz Gorecki MD, L.Ac.

About your first visit

Acupuncture treatment takes about 50 min. The first visit is mainly about obtaining thorough diagnose about your health conditions and needs, follow up by an acupuncture session. During your first acupuncture visit, the doctor will ask you all the health related issues and concerns. Remember that this ancient method also treats emotions as they are part of your health. If you have any issues in this area, also make the case.

Follow up visits go much deeper into acupuncture treatment, healing the body and sustaining its results.


The proper diagnose is a key to successful treatment and healing. To achieve the best results, the qualified doctor will ask you for your past medical history and present complains. Next step is a palpatory diagnosis, which consists of feeling the pulse on both of your wrists and is followed by Hara (Japanese for “abdomen”) diagnosis. This ancient Chinese method mastered in Japan uses selected areas of your body to determine any discomfort, pain, changes in skin, temperature and moisture, tightness or weakness and flaccidity.


Then comes the treatment. Thin, disposable needles are almost painlessly inserted in acupuncture points. The chosen points are previously carefully checked for their efficiency to cure the actual condition in a patient. The needles are kept for about 20 minutes. After acupuncture is done on the frontal side of the body, the patient is asked to flip over and the points on a back of the body are needled.

How to prepare for acupuncture to get the benefits


    • You should have light meal, ideally 1-2 hours before the treatment and should not come with empty stomach either.


    • You should avoid coffee (even bullet proof one), green or black tea and energy drinks prior the treatment as they can change your pulse readings. But make sure you are hydrated enough.


    • Ideally you should wear comfy cloths with loose sleeves and legs which can be rolled up to your elbows and knees. Do not wear the jeans and tight clothes. If that is the case, you can change your cloths on the site.


    • Also you should avoid the treatment during period or if you are in the 1st trimester of pregnancy unless your acupuncture is for issues concerning these two situations such as painful periods, cramps, clogs in blood, nausea in pregnancy, etc.


    • You may be asked about chronic disease and medications if you take them. If that is the case, make sure you can provide such information.


    • There are no general contradictions to acupuncture or side effects. However, if you are very weak, the treatment will be limited not to exacerbate the condition so that you will feel improvement. As always, the treatment is tailored to your particular needs and only after a thorough examination.


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