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What to expect from Chinese herbal medicine consultation

Bartosz Gorecki MD, L.Ac.

Chinese herbal medicine is great for restoring your body and mind well-being and health in the least intrusive and effective way.

Chinese herbal formulas can act as a complementary treatment to acupuncture when we want to maintain the positive results of the treatment but don’t have time to come to see an acupuncturist every week. Or we want to strengthen the results of the acupuncture between our treatments. Or our body is so depleted, it wouldn’t benefit from acupuncture as much as it would from herbs (after giving birth for instance).

But the Chinese herbal medicine is very powerful on its own, and classically treats what diet and acupuncture cannot treat on its own.

So, what can you expect from Chinese herbal medicine consultation?

Unlike acupuncture, there’s not treatment involved. Instead, during herbal consultation, the practitioner will prescribe you a herbal formula based on what your body, mind and emotions represent.

So, when you come for Chinese herbal medicine consultations;

Firstly, you can expect an intensive clinical interview during which I’ll ask you questions about your general health, your health history and finally the biggest complain.

That might take up to 30 mins.

Secondly, I’ll check your pulse.

In classical Chinese medicine, reading the pulse is the most important form of diagnosis, and if gotten right, it’s just enough to prescribe you an appropriate formula.

Once I’ve got the formula for you, I’ll write it down for you. As I don’t store or mix the herbs myself, I work with a herbal supplier who is trained in making classical formulas. During the visit or just after, I’ll send the formula to the supplier who sends the formula just to your doors next day.

And that’s it!


No, not really.

The most important part in herbal medicine is what happens next. In the cosiness of your own flat. It’s the diligence with which you take your herbs. Either granules or raw herbs. You REALLY need to take them as prescribed by your practitioner, otherwise it’s just waste of your time and money. And won’t work.

So once you’ve got your herbal formula make sure you take it religiously. Most of the times, in case of granules, you need to take two tea spoons twice a day before the meals.

If your condition is acute, I’ll tell you how to take the herbs differently.

Why we don’t offer online Chinese herbal medicine consultations?

chinese medicine formulas

Chinese herbal medicine formulas on shelf in hospital

Whilst it might sound convenient to go online for herbal consultation, unlike other practitioners, we cannot offer these at the first visit, as the diagnosis is mainly based on pulse or abdominal palpation reading. Hence you have to be present in person. Phone/online consultation can be considered for follow up visit and only in some cases. We will let you know if that’s your case during your visit and upon your request.

But we offer initial Chinese herbal medicine consultation free of charge whether you’re not sure if Chinese herbal medicine is the right way for you (we won’t be able to prescribe formula, but we will give you the overview of your particular situation).

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