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Stress, anxiety and insomnia

Bartosz Gorecki MD, L.Ac.

Stress, anxiety and insomnia in acupuncture

Stress is an inseparable companion in our lives. When it is low or moderate it gives us the necessary strength to do things. But once a certain amount of stress is exceeded or stress just lasts too long, it can have a harmful impact on our body.

1. Immune System and stress

Stress weakens our immunity. It lowers the level of white blood cells, especially lymphocytes and eosinophils. Hence you are more likely to get ill. When you go to see your doctor, they usually give you antibiotics which weaken your immune system even more.

It creates a vicious cycle which can bring your immunity out of balance and cause major health problems such as autoimmune diseases and allergies. Weaken immune system also results in your susceptibility for trauma like strains and sprains.

With acupuncture we can strengthen and regulate your immunity. Acupuncture can break this vicious cycle and, as a result, prevent many diseases.

2. Nervous system

Nervous system is a key factor in dealing with stress. Too much tension in your nerves can give rise to many symptoms like insomnia, anxiety, depression, gaining or losing weight, stomach aches, menstruation and fertility problems, tensions of muscles and many others.

In our acupuncture clinic, we assess your nervous system; if it is overly tensed and needs to be calm down, and we treat any symptoms which may arise from it.

3. Tension in muscles

Under stressed your muscles contract and ache. Stress usually affects your neck and shoulders. Apart from discomfort and pain, stress also blocks the blood flow to your head and arms, resulting in numbness, feeling light or heavy headed, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome or even high blood pressure or stroke.

With acupuncture we unblock the free flow of blood in the area of neck and provide proper blood circulation to the head and arms.

4. Digestion

Your belly knows emotions the best. When you are stressed, you can feel cramps, distension, suffer from lack of appetite, constipation or diarrhoea.

According to Chinese medicine, the source of our energy and happiness lies in the belly.

In our clinic, we put our greatest effort to make your digestion functioning well so you can have good energy and high spirits.

5. Sugar level

When you are stressed, your blood sugar rises cortisol – the hormone of stress. If stress prolongs or often returns, it can affect the function of pancreas causing sugar intolerance, which is the first step to diabetes.

With acupuncture we can calm down your stress, regulate the function of pancreas and bring raised sugar level back to normal.

6. High blood pressure and stress

Stress is a common cause for elevated blood pressure. We aim to prevent high blood pressure.

Acupuncture can regulate your blood pressure and prevent the development of hypertension.

7. Adrenal fatigue

Tiredness is a common symptom of a chronic stress. It is a result of exploitation of the body resources and can be a reason for a wide range of symptoms or diseases like a lack of energy, mood swings or even depression, difficulties with falling asleep or waking up. You cannot cure this type of tiredness with weekend rest.

Acupuncture mobilises your body natural power to heal and gradually rebuild its resources.

8. Libido

The high level of cortisol in men lowers the level of testosterone thus lowers libido.

Acupuncture regulates the level of hormones (testosterone) in your body and brings it to normal functioning. Thus, positively affects your libido and sexual life.

What you may expect visiting acupuncture clinic with stress, anxiety or insomnia problems?

Complete diagnosis

You will be offered complete diagnosis according to Chinese medicine.

It consists of 3 parts:

1. Questions. You’ll be asked questions concerning your symptoms. It will show in which way stress effects appear in your body. The important part is your medical diagnosis if you have been undergoing medical tests or you’re on medications.

2. Diagnosis. I’ll check your pulse which is a traditional way of diagnosing. The pulse shows which parts of your body are out of balance and where the blockades are.

3. Palpation. I’ll palpate your abdomen to find any painful or tense areas. I put a special attention to the parts related to your nervous and hormonal systems. Also, I take into consideration heart and blood circulation.

At the end of diagnosis, I’ll explain what eventual findings mean for your health and how to treat them.

Acupuncture treatment

And only then comes acupuncture treatment;

Almost painlessly I’ll insert very thin needles in acupuncture points to treat affected areas in your body. You will experience almost immediately how these areas become more relaxed and less painful.

In the end, I’ll remove the needles and advise you on treatment plan for your next couple of visits. The number of sessions may vary depending on your condition, but after each session you should feel a noticeable improvement.

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We now also offer Chinese herbal medicine

If you are interested in Chinese herbal medicine to support your body for stress, insomnia and anxiety problems but you’re quite not sure if that’s the right thing for you, book your free 15-min consultation.