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Our patient’s health comes first. With thorough diagnosis, we tailor the right treatment

With Japanese acupuncture and herbal formulas, we combine the best what Western and Eastern medicine got to offer

A few things we’re great at

At London Acupuncture Centre we take our patients health seriously by giving them the best acupuncture and herbal formulas propped by thorough examination during each visit. We specialise in women’s fertility, skin diseases and allergies, stress and insomnia to name just a few…

Young woman, Japanese ethnicity, at the Acupuncture burning treatment . Hands of acupuncturists holding moxa on woman's stomach. She is lying at bright window.

Women’s fertility & menstruation

Many gynaecology problems like infertility, miscarriages, irregular/painful menstruation derive from blood problems. Acupuncture can facilitate proper blood circulation and help with many of these modern issues.

Young woman, Japanese ethnicity, at the acupuncture treatment. Hands of acupuncturists inserting needles in her back. She lies, waist up, at bright window.

Stress, anxiety and insomnia

Stress, anxiety and insomnia can be cured with acupuncture by enhancing blood ciculation, regulating blood pressure and unblocking the blood flow in neck, shoulders, head and arms

girl cleaning nose with a tissue in grass

Skin diseases and allergies

Skin diseases and allergies originate inside the body.  By relaxing and restoring harmony in your nerves and senses, acupuncture diminishes the frequency and severity of allergy outbursts and skin diseases.

Free 15-minute Chinese herbal consultation 

The methods we use to treat your illness…

The Classical Chinese medicine uses different methods to treat your illness depending on your condition. We’ll help you to find the best approach for you…


Acupuncture mobilises our own healing potential which we normally don’t have access to. And this can be achieved by needling acupuncture points with very thin needles. 

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chinese herb

Chinese herbs

Chinese herbal medicine with more than 2000 years’ experience uses a variety of medicinal herbs to treat mental, emotional and physical illness. Chinese herbs are boiled as tea or ground into powders allowing flexibility of use for the patient.

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Moxibustion is often used to enhance the effects of the acupuncture treatment. Thanks to its simplicity and effectiveness, throughout the history not only professionals but also ordinary people widely used moxibustion.

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 Patient Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our patients say:

After a year of suffering from cystitis and taking antibiotics prescribed by my doctor with no results, I was advised to start acupuncture treatment and turned to Dr. Bartosz. Well, I couldn’t be happier!!
I started to feel the benefits of the treatment after a few sessions..Thanks to his experience and his advice now I’m fine!! I have not had any more episodes of cystitis!!! He solved my problem and I didn’t take any kind of medicine anymore!!
Highly recommended!!!!

Elisa Devalle

I have been seeing Dr Bartosz Gorecki for several weeks now. Initially, I sought out acupuncture for insomnia and in the hope that it could help with hormonal imbalances (loss of menstruation). After only 3 weeks, my sleep had drastically improved and, after the fourth week, my cycle came back. Additionally, Bartosz prescribed a set of blood tests, which turned out to be very helpful in revealing why I was experiencing certain symptoms.
I believe this series of events can vouch for Bartosz’s expertise as an acupuncturist and as a doctor. Speaking to, and being treated by, someone who is so attentive, calm and kind has left me with an extremely positive experience. I cannot recommend his practice enough.

Julia Callies

Dr Gorecki is an extraordinary interventionist. I had been struggling with severe, nearly paralysing nerve pain for more than a year before I sought out acupuncture. I had seen seven specialists by that point: neurosurgeons, physical therapists, pain managers. I spent thousands on endless tests and steroid injections. Nothing worked. Within a few weeks of seeing Dr Gorecki, I began to feel significant improvement to my nerve pain. Now six months in, the pain is virtually gone.

Dr Gorecki is consistently attentive, efficient, and detailed. He exudes an effortless professionalism while being warm and compassionate. He exhibits sharp critical thinking and a mastery of his field through his enormous knowledge, experience, and passion. I could not recommend him more. If you’re struggling with nerve pain, try acupuncture with Dr Gorecki immediately.

Jorge De Sousa
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