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Our patient’s health comes first. The treatment comes second.

With Japanese acupuncture we combine the best what Western and Eastern medicine got to offer

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About London Acupuncture Centre

painless acupuncture in London

At London Acupuncture Centre we excel at putting our patient’s health and wellbeing first, giving them unique opportunity to be diagnosed and treated by professional medical doctor with a genuine passion for Eastern medicine, yet deeply rooted in Western tradition. 

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A few things we’re great at

At London Acupuncture Centre we take our patients health seriously by giving them the best acupuncture propped by thorough examination during each visit. We specialise in women’s fertility, skin diseases and allergies, stress and insomnia to name just a few…

Young woman, Japanese ethnicity, at the Acupuncture burning treatment . Hands of acupuncturists holding moxa on woman's stomach. She is lying at bright window.

Women’s fertility & menstruation

Many gynaecology problems like infertility, miscarriages, irregular/painful menstruation derive from blood problems. Acupuncture can facilitate proper blood circulation and help with many of these modern issues.

Young woman, Japanese ethnicity, at the acupuncture treatment. Hands of acupuncturists inserting needles in her back. She lies, waist up, at bright window.

Stress, anxiety and insomnia

Stress, anxiety and insomnia can be cured with acupuncture by enhancing blood ciculation, regulating blood pressure and unblocking the blood flow in neck, shoulders, head and arms

girl cleaning nose with a tissue in grass

Skin diseases and allergies

Skin diseases and allergies originate inside the body.  By relaxing and restoring harmony in your nerves and senses, acupuncture diminishes the frequency and severity of allergy outbursts and skin diseases.

 Patient Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our patients say:

Dr Gorecki is very engaged in everything he does. His medical examination is very detailed. He recommends other doctors and additional tests. One can tell that Chinese medicine is his true passion. He is a real specialist and helps a lot in very complex conditions. Really recommend!

Malgorzata Wojtkowska

Thanks to Dr Gorecki’s engagement and devotion my life’s conditions changed significantly, albeit chronic nature of my illness. The visit itself might not be a relaxing massage, but the effects make one not only to book the next appointment immediately but wait for it impatiently. Dr Gorecki’s 100% attention is on his patient and is very meticulous and consequent in his approach. Recommend him wholeheartedly!

Dorota Zagrodzka

Life changing acupuncturist. I couldn’t be happier with the results. My body, mind and spirit are more aligned than I thought possible after 2 months of treatment. Everything is improved from my circulation to energy levels, diet, mood, sleep… most importantly, my tendinitis pain, that I initially came in for, has subsided. Highly recommend!!!

Antho Jones
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